Fred Rivett

Senior Product-focussed Front-end Engineer.

Passionate about building sane, maintainable systems with a keen eye for design. Fascinated by the challenge of making something great that improves users lives. Able to lead across a wide spectrum or narrowly focus on code alone.

Current go-to toolkit includes Vue, React, React Native, TypeScript, Styled Components & Tailwind.

Launched many side projects, wrote a short book about itaccidentally won April Fools Day 2017 (beating Google in the process).

Available for contract opportunities.


Senior Front-end Engineer (Contract)

Critical Insight Security Ltd

August 2022 — current

Short-term contract tasked with delivering the front-end for a new client application.

React TypeScript Next.js Material UI

Senior Product Engineer

NUM (Homepage)

Sep 2019 — July 2022 • 2 yrs 11 mos

Heading up the product process across half a dozen projects, from designing the UX flow alongside the CEO and architecting technical solutions with the Lead Back-end Engineer, all the way to designing the aesthetic details of the UI and being the sole front-end engineer implementing it all in Vue.

Vue Vuex Nuxt Tailwind UI/UX

Founder (Side project)

Blocks iOS app (Homepage / App Store)

Feb 2020 — current • 2 yrs 5 mos

During lockdown I used my newfound spare time to build an iOS app. I designed the minimalist UI/UX and implemented it all in React Native using Expo.

React Native Redux Expo Tailwind UI/UX

Senior Software Engineer

Octopus Wealth (Homepage)

Feb 2019 — Aug 2019 • 7 mos

Senior Software Engineer and Lead Front-end Dev, training up junior developers, working with React, Redux and TypeScript.

Made redundant when company pivoted and laid off entire tech team.

React Redux TypeScript styled-components

Tech Lead (Contract)

Founders Factory (Homepage)

Jun 2018 — Jan 2019 • 8 mos

Tech lead and co-creator of The Dot, a mobile news app that develops healthy habits, working with The Guardian as part of the Venture Studio at Founders Factory.

React Firebase Framer UI/UX

Front-end Developer (Contract)

The People's Operator (Wikipedia)

Feb 2018 — May 2018 • 4 mos

Responsible for implementing the foundations of a new Vue powered Single Page Application that will be rolled out to replace the existing website.

Vue Sass ITCSS

Front-end Developer (Contract)

Tabl (Homepage)

Nov 2017 — Apr 2018 • 6 mos

Part-time contract with Tabl, responsible for refactoring the CSS into a sane, manageable system that can be built on moving forwards.


Front-end Developer (Contract)

Buildupp (Twitter)

May 2017 — Jan 2018 • 9 mos

Part-time contracting with Buildupp focussed on leading UI development.


Front-end Developer (Contract)

Spoke Law (Press)

Aug 2016 — May 2017 • 10 mos

Implementing the front-end alongside a strong product focussed team of three (Product Manager, Product Designer, Back-end Engineer).


Front-end Developer

The People's Operator (Wikipedia)

Mar 2015 — Aug 2016 • 1 yr 6 mos

Leading the front-end development of our US e-commerce store and community sites, managing two developers, one per project.


Side projects

Side projects are how I got into tech in the first place, hacking away in my spare time. Here's a selection of some of the projects I've launched:

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